Distance Education

Distance EducationDistance education is an education that aims to deliver education to students who are not physically present. The main advantage of distance education is the students rather than attending courses individually can communicate through internet with the teachers at their own time and can exchange the material over the net.

Distance education is often termed as flexible learning as one can handle other commitments along with their studies. In Distance education, an individual studies with attending the college campus. There is an advantage as an individual can study from home or in a remote area without having to transfer. There are part time and full time course offered in distance education. One may choose to do the entire course by distance education or choose to do some by distance.

The use of television, radio, and the internet has further encouraged distance education.  The consistent usage of both computers as well as internet has further made distance learning distribution fast and easy.

The course of  distance learning, or delivering instructional resource-sharing opportunity, to the  locations away from the classroom, building or a site, to another classroom, building or  a site by using audio, video, computer, multimedia relations, or some amalgamation of these with other conservative delivery methods. As the educational institutions expand their campus the population ages, and as the advance of technology requires a greater need for employee retraining, colleges increasingly have to accommodate to a different type of student in order to stay in front and provide their society.

Distance education is also beneficial for the students of age over 26 years who mostly work full time during the classroom hours. These students require flexible learning schedule. They demand proficient development opportunities and classes to help them keep updated with today’s ever-changing work surroundings.

Students come to an institution for various reasons. They could be involved in changing careers or they might simply want to expand their information base for work or personal reasons. The main reason for choosing distance education is that the students want to learn at their own place, time, and speed.

Distance EducationFemales especially in India usually prefer distance-learning education as they have time restriction and other rules. Many of them are single parents who want to stay close to home for a various reasons. They might not be able to afford childcare or must care for a restricted relative at home. Distance education is also beneficial for physically handicapped children. Many of the people do not have the time, money, or educational backdrop to come to campus. Distance education can capture an audience that has been virtually unexploited for many years. It makes education available and accessible even to the rural areas of India and is now fast growing.

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